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Do some people REALLY like PPA?

Believe it or not, we're not out to get you. In fact, as hard as it may be to believe we are on your side.  The mission of the Philadelphia Parking Authority is to continually enhance the quality of life in Philadelphia through our strategic partnerships with the Commonwealth of
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Continued from Wednesday’s “What Do I Do?”

We left off with “Option Numero Tres: Do nothing”, which was probably not the best option to pick.   Here’s the thing- There is no statute of limitations on parking violations. I feel like that is very important for people to know so I’ll say it again in a larger and bolder font: There
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The Boot: Wednesday’s “What Do I Do?”

Today’s “What Do I Do” is about the dreaded “Boot”. Let’s start with why a vehicle gets booted in the first place.  If you accumulate three or more unpaid parking tickets, your vehicle is eligible to have one of our yellow metal boots attached to it. The best way to avoid a
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Presenting Wednesday’s “What Do I Do?”

We’ve decided to dedicate every Wednesday to posing some kind of parking scenario and addressing possible questions about that situation. Wednesday’s “What Do I Do” Debut is about receiving a parking ticket. Let’s start with why a vehicle gets ticketed in the first place.  There are many violations listed in the Philadelphia
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