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PEO to the Rescue!

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As the PPA works hard to implement its plan for 2012 we are already seeing results. Our goal is to provide better, friendlier & efficient service.  Here’s another letter from a happy driver!




Hi Sue,

I had to write you in view of the fact that I had a wonderful experience with a PEO yesterday.   Mr. V. Morrow helped save me $4.  The kiosk on No. 18th had read my Smart Card and deducted the money.  However, no receipt appeared.  I noticed Mr. Morrow across the street so I motioned to him for help.  He came over and listened to my plight , made a phone call, and then used the walkie-talkie.  Within minutes , a technician appeared in  a van and opened up the kiosk and lo and behold there was my receipt along with about 8 others that were jammed inside.

Because of Mr. Morrow’s actions, I had a nice experience in Center City and did not have to lose my 4 dollars.


K. Martin

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