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Happy Labor Day!

There will be tons of people out and about in the city  enjoying all the summer finale festivities. The streets will be full, so here are a few suggestions for off-street parking with affordable prices: 19th & Callowhill Sts. Lot: $8.00 flat rate per day.  Saturday & Sunday. AutoPark @ JFK
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Wednesdays, “What Do I Do?”

What do I do at a broken meter? This morning I received a ticket at a broken meter near the 10th street laundromat. At 9:43 AM I put 8 quarters into the meter to ensure I wouldn’t run out of time to do my laundry. When I came
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Weird Parking and Driving Laws

Pennsylvania, like many U.S. states, has its share of bizarre and completely insane laws. Some of them are quirky, while others are down-right confusing. Most of these laws are no longer relevant, and while they may still be on the books, they are not observed or enforced - for good reason,
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The Haunting of Hamden

  We aren’t ashamed to admit that we get spooked at the very thought of graveyards. We get a chill when we think about those ominous tombstones and eerie statues. There is one graveyard, though, that we love to visit, and that’s the Ghost Parking Lot in Hamden, Connecticut. (Well, it
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Compliments on a Job Well Done

Each day the PPA is hard at work, striving to provide the City of Philadelphia with exceptional service, contributing to the improvement of traffic flow and public safety.  As we all know this job is not easy, but when we hear of a job well done, it is our duty to acknowledge such contributions. Recently,
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RRP Permits & Ticketing: What to Do

What do I do if I have a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) sticker on my car and I still receive a ticket while parked in my designated zone? This can certainly be a frustrating situation!  You follow the rules and go through the process of obtaining an RPP sticker but still
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