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Dealing with Broken Meters in 3 Easy Steps

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You know you paid the meter when you parked your car, but for some reason you come back to a ticket on the windshield. Don’t get mad! We know how annoying it can be when our meters break, and trust us, we don’t want it to happen either, but if you follow these three stress-free steps, you can report the broken meter AND dispute the ticket.

1. Write down the meter information and ticket information


Take note of this important information. We know your days can get pretty hectic, but writing your meter and ticket information down will ensure correct processing of your violation dispute.

2.Contact our Parking Violations Branch 

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Pick up your phone and call our hassle free number 1-888-591-3636. Our customer service representative will take down the meter information and get your dispute started. If it’s easier for you, you can always mail correspondence to:

Parking Violations Branch
P.O. Box 41818
Philadelphia, PA 19101

For broken kiosks, visit “Kiosks Customer Service Portal”. Fill out the online form with the meter information, ticket number, and your contact information and you’re good as gold.

3. Request a meter investigation and dispute the violation


Let our customer service representative know that the meter is broken and we’ll open an investigation!

See – easy as 1, 2, 3!

Once you follow these steps, your ticket will be put on a temporary suspend, so no late fees are added. A meter mechanic will check the meter and if it is found to be defective, the ticket will be canceled and no hearing will be needed (you will be notified by mail.) If you found a broken meter and didn’t receive a ticket, please still contact us and let us know. Your fellow Philadelphians will appreciate it.

You can also contact us on Facebook and Twitter to help with any of your customer service needs.

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