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Throwback Thursday: Smart-Card Edition

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smartcardPPA has jumped on the #TBT bandwagon! Today’s Throwback Thursday highlights our Smart Card program.

 It’s hard to believe 11 years has passed since we began our “Coins in a Card” promotion in 2003. Considered very innovative at the time, the Smart Card program offered a convenient, coin-free method that parkers could use to pay for metered parking. The program was immediately successful and definitely appreciated by city drivers who didn’t like filling their pockets with change to feed a meter!

 As technology becomes increasingly innovative, there is always something new and improved around the corner. In an effort to make paying for parking more convenient, we replaced most of our stand-alone meters in the city with multi-space kiosks. The kiosks are programmed to accept multiple forms of payment and as a result, we have seen the use of Smart Cards decline dramatically. 

 The decline in Smart Card use, coupled with exciting new “pay-by-phone” technology has lead us to the decision to discontinue the Smart Card program. Clearly, our savvy city parkers are ready for the next great thing in convenient parking.

 So, with a respectful nod to our past technological innovations, on May 30th, 2014, we’re ending our distribution of Smart Cards as we begin to explore new and creative ways to transform your everyday parking experience.

 Do you have some Smart Cards stashed away somewhere? Don’t fret! You can still use them to pay for parking in kiosks and meters until December 31, 2014. Thanks for sharing in our #TBT, as we took a look back on the Smart Card chapter in PPA history while looking forward to what the future holds.

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