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Where to Park for the Philadelphia Car Show

Throughout the year, Philadelphia hosts many events drawing hundreds of thousands of attendees from near and far. The Philadelphia Auto Show is no exception. In fact, it’s become an unofficial holiday for car enthusiasts to glance at masterpieces from the auto industry. In short: art enthusiasts have the Philadelphia Museum
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PEO Spotlight: Peter Free

We all have a story. It’s what makes us unique and different from one another. The bus driver who gets you to work -- he has a story. The street vendors who make your breakfast sandwiches? They have a story. Our Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs)? Yep -- they all have
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PPA Announces Resumption of Parking Enforcement and Regular Garage Rates

In response to the end of the snow emergency, the PPA announced that beginning at 12:00 p.m. on January, 27th, 2015, all parking regulations - including meters, kiosks and time zones - will be enforced. Safety violations will continue to be enforced as they were during the snow emergency. Towing and impoundment of illegally parked vehicles will resume
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