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Paying Parking Tickets: There’s an App for That

Nowadays you can do  pretty much anything with the countless apps available on smartphones. If you need directions, boom, Google Maps. Buying something on Amazon? Click — done. Sharing a selfie? Bam, Instagram.

You get the jist. No matter what you’re trying to do, there’s probably an app for it. But what about paying for parking tickets? There’s an app for that.

Here’s the deal: with the free-to-download app PayTix, if you choose not to contest a ticket, it will be available for payment 24 hours after  receiving it. Just like most apps out there, it’s pretty cut and dry and easy to navigate.

After downloading PayTix, pick your preferred PayTix city (Philadelphia) and enter your ticket number. From there, you’ll be prompted to create a billing information profile. That way, your billing formation will be saved in case you need to pay another ticket in the future. The only thing you’ll need for future use will be your credit card number, which PayTix doesn’t keep for security purposes.

And there you have it! A more convenient way of paying your parking tickets. But remember: the Philadelphia Parking Authority will always support your right to contest a ticket you feel has been wrongfully issued.

If you’d like to download PayTix, it’s available on both iTunes and Google Play. More info on the app can also be found here.

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