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PPA Map Primer

Whenever you’re not sure of where you’re going and need guidance, what’s the first thing you do? We know: whip out Google Maps, right? Yep, thought so. Let’s face it: Tangible maps are a thing of the past. With a variety of mapping tools available online nowadays, not only can we
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Fee Schedule FY 2016

To All Industry Members: The TLD Fee Schedule for fiscal year 2016 is attached for your reference (Download - Fee Schedule FY 2016), which is effective immediately. Assessment notices will be sent to all certificate holders under separate cover. If you have any questions regarding this notice you may contact Administrative Counsel

#TBT PARK(ing) Day 2013!

Normally we take a look at our old facilities for Throwback Thursdays, but this time around we’re switching it up and heading back to our parklet on Park(ing) Day in 2013! Every year on the third Friday of September, cities around the globe participate in Park(ing) Day, a one day event
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RFP No. 15-14 Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Purchase

This RFP is being issued by the Parking Authority (the “Authority”). The Authority is soliciting proposals for the procurement of Microsoft Dynamics GP Software and Licenses.  Prospective Proposers will need to register by emailing Mary Wheeler, Manager of Contract Administration, at prior to downloading the attached documents in order to participate in this solicitation. 15-14 Notice to
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Parking Day 2015

On September 18, if you see metered parking spaces taking the form of miniature parks (parklets), there's no need to scratch your head! It’s International Park(ing) Day, a one-day event raising awareness for the importance of more open space within urban dwellings. Come the third Friday of September, we’ll be rolling
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Parking Fails: Volume III

What’s one of the first things you learned when you got your learner’s permit? Aside from turning on the ignition, how to properly park was probably up there. Whether it was parallel parking on the street, or parking in a lot, knowing how to do it is a must for
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Parking Fails: Volume II

Our world will never be short of parking fails. Think about it: In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of millions of parking spaces, so someone is bound to screw up. All the drivers can do is hope their parking mishaps aren’t posted online for the world to see. Unfortunately for
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