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meteringUP with our PEOs

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TrainingLast month, if you haven’t heard (but you probably have), we rolled out our new mobile parking app, meterUP.

Just a quick refresh: meterUP allows you to pay for parking using any phone and alerts you when your time is almost up so you can avoid a parking ticket! For more information on meterUP, give our blog a read for answers to some FAQs, or check out this helpful video.

Moving along. . . our ticket writers, also known as Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs), went through meterUP training sessions before the app launched. We’re talking everything from how to use the app and how to use their handheld ticketing devices once the app Training 2was released.

Here’s what happens: When you sign up for meterUP, you’ll need to enter a license plate number. That way when a PEO doesn’t notice a kiosk receipt on your dashboard, they’ll enter your license plate number into their ticketing device and check if you paid with meterUP. If everything checks out, the PEO will just continue walking their beat instead of printing out a ticket.

Good deal, right? As a reminder, here are a few key details to keep in mind when you’re using meterUp:

  • If you sign up for meterUP, make sure you’re entering the correct license plate number!
  • If you’re already meteringUP, make sure you’re entering  the correct zone number which can be found on these signs.
  • If you don’t see the meterUP signs posted on a particular street, the app isn’t available there just yet. Get more information on what to look for here.

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