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The 8th & Filbert AutoPark: Then & Now

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photo 2(2)When you think of a facelift, you probably don’t think of buildings. We don’t blame you–but what we’ve done with our garage down at 8th and Filbert Streets might change that trend.

For close to four years, we’ve been hard at work completely transforming our 8th and Filbert AutoPark.

Since construction first completed in 1961, the garage’s look and infrastructure was left virtually unchanged–even with management of the garage swapping hands a few times throughout the decades.

Nowadays if you’re strolling the streets of Market East, you won’t see an old grungy looking garage that looks like something straight out of  a horror film. Instead, you’ll come across a welcoming and illuminated gateway, the Parkade on 8th.

IMG_0272The finishing touches of the Parkade on 8th was culminated by a grand reopening ceremony on Monday, August 29th, 2016. Those who attended included PPA Executive Director, Vince Fentery, PPA Board Chairman, Joseph Ashdale, and of course the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney.

In announcing the reopening of the Parkade on 8th, PPA Executive Director Vince Fenerty proudly proclaimed, “Today we celebrate and mark a milestone in the on-going revitalization and economic expansion of the Mark Street East Commercial District.”

Reaffirming Fenerty’s comments was PPA Board Chairman Joseph Ashdale as he noted, “I am especially honored and pleased on days like today; when we get to stand here and announce the completion of a project that will not only help increase commercial and economic DSC_9215activity in the Market Street East Commercial District, but also created hundreds of good paying jobs.”

By the way: If you plan on chowing down in Chinatown, the Parkade on 8th is a great jumping off point. Take a look at the rates here.

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