By a City Ordinance enacted on January 11, 1950, the City of Philadelphia created the Philadelphia Parking Authority pursuant to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Parking Authority Law (Act of June 5, 1947, 53 P.S. § 341 et. seq.). To this day, the Parking Authority carries out its statutory mandate of providing adequate parking services for the residents, businesses and visitors of Philadelphia by: Coordinating the efforts of public agencies with respect to parking Establishing and operating public parking facilities where necessary Analyzing parking needs and resources for the overall benefit of the public.

Expansion of Responsibilities

The Authority’s original responsibilities primarily concerned the establishment and operation of a permanent coordinated system of off-street parking.
On July 7, 1982, the Pennsylvania General Assembly amended the Parking Authority Law permitting the City to delegate certain municipal powers to the Philadelphia Parking Authority to coordinate the management of on-street parking. On April 8, 1983, City Council passed an Ordinance to permit the transfer of those responsibilities.

In 1983, the PPA assumed parking management responsibilities that had been previously assigned to four other city departments. This provided the general public with a single responsibility center for On-Street Parking.

Functions transferred from the Streets Department:

  • Location, installation and maintenance of all parking meters throughout the city
  • Preparation of documentation to modify existing or implement new parking regulations, establishing time limits, loading zones, fire hydrant restrictions, reserved parking for people with disabilities, tow-away zones and residential permit parking
  • Preparation of work orders for parking regulations signs

Functions transferred from the Revenue Department:

  • Meter Collections

Functions transferred from the Police Department:

  • Issuance and processing of parking tickets
  • Towing of motor vehicles
  • Impoundment of motor vehicles

Functions transferred from the Department of Licenses and Inspections:

  • Issuance of Loading Zone Permits
  • Administration of the Residential Parking Permit Program

The booting program was added by Ordinance in July 1983. The Communications Unit (radio dispatch center) was added in 1983 to serve as the support unit responsible for coordinating On-Street parking functions.

PPA Today

Recent legislative changes have altered the composition of the Parking Authority’s Board of Directors, with a majority of Board members now appointed by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

In July 2004, the Authority assumed responsibility for the regulation and enforcement of taxi cabs and limousines operating in Philadelphia. For more information visit Taxi and Limousine Regulations section of the website.

By another legislative initiative, the Parking Authority is responsible for the administration of a pilot red light safety program by which cameras installed at certain high-accident intersections toprovide the basis for “photo enforcement” of red light running.

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