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Where to Park for the Philadelphia Auto Show

Alright, folks. Get those engines revved up: One of Philly’s most beloved annual events, the
Philadelphia Auto Show, will once again be turning heads at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Here’s the scoop:
From February 2 – February 10, automobile enthusiasts are in for a treat, as more than 700 concept, classic and exotic cars park themselves on the 700,000 square-foot display floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. So if you’re in the market for a new car, you won’t want to miss this, especially since you’ll be getting a sneak peek at the newest models that’ll be popping up at your local car dealerships. In fact, you’ll be able to test drive some of the featured cars through ride and drives.

So if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, or you just want to be flat out amazed by the many advancements in the auto industry, make sure you purchase your tickets here. Psst—make sure you take note of the discounts.

Now before you start gawking at the cars of the future, make sure you’re conveniently parking yours. Luckily we have three garages within close walking distance to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Check out the locations and rates below. And as always, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions!   



The AutoPark at Gallery Mall


  • Up to 1 hour: $6.00
  • Up to 2 hours: $10.00
  • Up to 3 hours: $14.00
  • Up to 12 hours: $22.00


  • Early Bird – Enter by 10 a.m., exit by 6 p.m. – $13.00
  • Super Early Bird – Enter by 8 a.m., exit by 8 p.m. (Monday through Friday) – $12.00
  • Evening rate after 4 p.m.
    • Maximum to 12 Midnight – $10.00


Parkade on 8th:


  • Up to 1 hour: $10.00
  • Up to 1 1/2 hours: $14.00
  • Up to 2 hours: $17.00
  • Up to 12 hours: $19.00


  • Early Bird – Enter by 10 a.m., exit by 7 p.m. – $14.00
  • Evening Rate – Enter after 5 p.m., exit by 3 a.m. (Monday through Friday) – $9.00

Family Courthouse Garage:


  • Up to 1 hour: $13.00
  • Up to 1 1/2 hours: $19.00
  • Up to 2 hours: $25.00
  • Up to 12 hours: $28.00


  • Early Bird – Enter by 9 a.m., exit by 7:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday) – $17.00
  • Evenings rate after 5 p.m. (exit by 6 a.m.) – $10.00
  • Weekend rate (per day, exit by 6 a.m.) – $11.00


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2018 Accomplishments of the Philadelphia Parking Authority

2018 Accomplishments


Corporate Governance

  • Accredited with distinction by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI).
  • Three (3) garages rated as premier – Parkade on 8th, Galleria Garage, and Family Court Garage.
  • Delivered over $119 million to government entities.
  • Reorganized the Engineering department, now known as Construction Management and Capital Projects and hired new Director.
  • Changed the name of the IT Department to the Department of Technology and Information Solutions. Made PCI Compliance a key initiative.  Began search for Chief Technology Officer.
  • Reorganized the Finance Department and hired a new CFO.
  • Reorganized HR Department. Began search for new Director.  Conducted internal & external review of processes.
  • Added all contracts to website.
  • Processed 228 Right to Know requests.
  • Created expanded role of Board involvement and provided comprehensive monthly reports to the Board and public of activities.
  • Created Investment Committee with Board member representation. Analyzed all investment activities.  Began quarterly meetings with reports to Board on Investment Committee.  Created new policies and procedures.
  • Created new policies and procedures for HR, Finance, Risk Management and Audit departments.
  • Reconstituted the Audit department and created audit matrix. Reviewed Audit Findings and required departmental responses and implementation of corrective action.
  • Began practice of issuing Annual Reports for On-Street Operations even though not required. Continued bi-monthly meetings with City & School District finance.
  • Completed whistleblower policy.
  • Began practice of issuing Annual Reports for Airport Operations even though not required. Met frequently with DOA on finance and construction matters.
  • Assisted City with implementation of Amnesty Program.
  • Testified before the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee about need for additional funding for regulatory enforcement and hosted information hearing with PA House Transportation and Urban Affairs Committees on state legislative agenda.
  • Created compilation of proposed local and state legislation providing for safety improvements, revenue enhancement, regulatory authority and recommended changes.
  • Negotiated to successful conclusion of Collective Bargaining Agreement for four (4) unions with Teamsters Local 115, AFSCME Local 33 & 47 and District Council 21.
  • Post all contracts and POs on website and reported to Board on stats monthly.
  • Completed final response to Auditor General & held final meeting.
  • All Board Meeting minutes and exhibits available on PPA website.
  • Present list of employees trained each month and subject of training to Board each month.
  • Adopted formal travel reimbursement policy.
  • Began utilization of Project Management software.
  • Developed, operationalized and managed the City’s Amnesty Program – high profile, high risk program.
  • Developed transition and operational plan for BAA.
  • Appointed Equal Opportunity Officer.
  • Initiated a Best Practices Comparison Study consisting of parking professionals from around the country to develop operations analyst staff.
  • Redesigned the Authority’s Strategic Plan.
  • Developed protocols for HR and Internal Auditor reviews of Employee parking violations.


Risk Management

  • Reorganized Risk Management and expanded its role and responsibility.
  • Adopted a formal policy on policies and procedures.
  • Began risk assessment by department.
  • In collaboration with Off-Street Operations, revised the damage claim form specific to their operations to better capture the nature of the incident. The revised form allows Off-Street Operations to determine validity of incidents/damage thereby providing Risk Management the opportunity to process valid claims more efficiently.
  • Developed a Safety Statement for the Authority in an effort to begin development of a formal safety program.
  • Presented a Draft Motor Vehicle Usage Policy to Senior Management to formalize the Authorities processes and procedures regarding motor vehicle usage for safety and insurance.
  • Revision of the Risk Management Motor Vehicle Incident Summary form (formerly Chargeable Summary form) – the new form allows for a more efficient manner in which we investigate incidents. The form is shared with Human Resources and the Department Manager.  Some changes to the form include:
    • Providing a description of the incident;
    • Determining whether the incident was preventable, non-preventable, or unable to determine from a loss prevention prospective; and
    • Concluding potential causes of the incident from a safety perspective.
  • Reinstated the Driver Safety Training program in collaboration with the Authority’s automobile liability carrier, insurance broker, and PPA Training Academy.
  • Provided suggested revisions and insurance language to the HR Travel policy.
  • Enhanced risk relationship with Information Technology and hosted an AIG Cyber Awareness Education Session.
  • Expansion of Risk Management’s role within the Authority by increased collaboration on various projects, to include developing and implementing an enterprise-wide risk management program.
    • Facilitation of three (3) areas currently in process – Off-Street Operations; Finance; and Information Technology.



  • Reactivated participation with state and national trade associations.
  • Enhanced communication with elected officials.
  • Participated in state hearings.
  • Public service announcement program to educate on various topics.
  • Continued community outreach meetings.
  • Completed outreach to neighborhood/business associations to address concerns/issues
  • Supported the meterUP city-wide roll-out.
  • Created inspection warning program.
  • Initiated daily recordings of customer interactions for analysis and reporting.
  • Created reporting for analytics of front-desk and BAA services.
  • Began monitoring of Parking Violations Branch customer service phone calls.
  • Streamlined process for ticket cancellations, saving time and resources.
  • Initiated weekly meetings for improved communication and efficiency.
  • Implemented a pilot program to expand Saturday hours – BAA.
  • Process flow analysis and reconfigured service windows at BAA to assist with crowd control/customer convenience/efficiency.
  • Reviewed vacant positions and hired as appropriate to ensure optimal staffing levels.
  • Sought opportunities for Community meetings and public ceremonies.
  • Initiated daily recordings of customer interactions for analysis and reporting – BAA.
  • Focus upon growth of Authority’s social media impressions and engagements.
  • Implemented a strategy to utilize video content more significantly.


Human Resources

  • Began internal training program for advanced skills.
  • Promoted 98 employees to new positions.
  • Adopted expanded college internship program.
  • Present all employee actions: hires, promotions, separations, retirements, etc., at each Board Meeting.



  • Refurbished two neighborhood lots – 7th & Christian & 4711 Baltimore Avenue.
  • Turned over $1.5 million to the City from neighborhood lots which was utilized by the City to improve fire company kitchens.
  • Completed design and approval for new parking lot under Ben Franklin Bridge adding 197 new monthly parking spots in Olde City.
  • Began to explore properties to replace Lot 4 and Lot 1.



  • Reviewed numerous items on Audit list.
  • Developed a Mission Statement.
  • Reviewed retiring employee’s benefits for accuracy.
  • Participated in Government accounting principles.
  • Consulted on Amnesty.
  • Monitored vacation & sick leave.
  • Moved reports closer to annual.

Off-Street Operations

  • Expanded and formalized maintenance program for Facilities and included normalized maintenance costs into budget.



  • Implemented new budget process.
  • PPA budget on website.
  • Re-organized the department.
  • Changed finance presentation at Board Meetings to year-to-date.



  • Garage D restoration work was completed in December 2018. This project came in under budget by $906,807.61.
  • In FY 2018, the Authority performed 3,981 courtesy services including courtesy tows, jump starts, car location services, and other similar work for airport customers at no charge. These services have a retail value of $307,000.
  • The Authority returned 45.5% of the net revenue to the DOA in FY18.
  • The net amount payable to the DOA for FY18 $32,270,521.


On-Street Operations 

  • Delivered $50,657,124 to the City and School District, more than ever before even with pension & fringe benefit cost increases.
  • Parking taxes paid to the City for FY18 totaled $15.87 million.
  • Relaunch of Pay-by-Phone through Park Mobile.
  • Issued 1,553,552 parking tickets.
  • Performed 40,708 tows including 13,956 live stops.
  • Assisted xxx customers with directions.
  • Reported to police on xxx criminal activities.

Department of Technology and Information Solutions/Technology

  • Began re-organization of department.
  • Moved PCI function back into IT.
  • Created task force on PCI Compliance.
  • Established matrix on PCI implementation.
  • Completed rush assessment of department.
  • Migrated from Groupwise to Outlook.
  • Completed a Virtual Infrastructure refresh (replaced outdated servers).
  • Developed protocols for decision making and reporting to the Executive Director and Board.
  • HRMS support.



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City Offers Relief Assistance to Federal Workers Affected by Shutdown


PHILADELPHIA – Mayor Kenney today announced that City departments and agencies will offer flexibility in bill payments to federal workers affected by the partial shutdown of the U.S. government.

“Tens of thousands of federal employees live and work in Philadelphia, and we know some are already struggling,” said Mayor Kenney. “Martin Luther King Jr. understood that the civil rights movement and the drive for workers’ rights are forever intertwined. On this day honoring his legacy, I pledge that the City will do its best to ensure that these workers don’t have to worry about matters like paying their water or gas bills while they are going without a paycheck.”

Effective immediately, furloughed federal workers and those employees working without pay should contact the Department of Revenue, the Water Revenue Bureau, and Philadelphia Gas Works if they need additional flexibility in paying their bills — either to pay current bills or to fulfill existing payment agreements.

“If you reach out to us, we can delay enforcement actions, including water shut off and foreclosure,” said Revenue Commissioner Frank Breslin.  “We can also waive interest, penalties, and any other charges that accrue once we receive payment when the shutdown ends. These workers need every break as the shutdown drags on, and we’re committed to doing what we can.”

Federal workers struggling to make ends meet can also take advantage of PGW’s assistance programs: ‘Payment Arrangements’ can ease the pressure on customers who fall behind, or are worried they might; ‘Budget Billing’ avoids surges in bills during winter heating season; and CARES provides payment assistance to residential customers with special circumstances, such as medical emergencies, unemployment or other temporary hardships.

“Options like these can make all the difference,” said PGW President and CEO Craig White. “Our goal is always to work with customers and give them as much support as we can, in order to keep their vital natural gas service on. Whether the need is temporary or ongoing, our experienced team is used to working with customers who are in tough financial situations.”

Affected workers who need help should call or email the addresses and numbers below, and identify yourself as federal worker. You may need to provide proof of federal employment, such as a W2, federal employee ID, or other documentation.

Federal workers who are furloughed or working without pay will also be eligible for consideration when paying tickets to the City.  The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (parking tickets) and the Office of Administrative Review (code violation notices) urge federal workers who face difficulty paying tickets or fines to schedule a hearing as specified on the ticket.  Hearing officers have the discretion to offer relief to hardships by extending payment deadlines.  Staff of both offices have been urged to exercise particular consideration for federal employees.



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A Meal with a Parking Deal: Restaurant Week Parking Validations


Philly has some of the best food in the nation. Think about it: Where else are you going to get a better cheesesteak or soft pretzel than our nation’s birthplace? And with hundreds of delicious places to eat covering nearly every cuisine imaginable, it can be a tough decision to make.

Here’s the Good News

From January 13 to January 15th, restaurants across Center City come together to show off industry-defining meals at a discounted cost during Restaurant Week. Restaurants will offer three-course dinners for only $35 (or $20 during lunch hours) per person. So make your reservations here before it’s too late.

A Meal With a Parking Deal:

Let’s be honest—how are you going to beat high-quality cuisine when it’s at a fixed rate like that? With discounted parking options, of course.

To accommodate Restaurant Week, our Center City garages will offer discounted parking to all patrons dining at participating restaurants. Check out the rates below and be sure to pick up a parking discount voucher before leaving the restaurant.

Autopark at Olde City:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $9.00

Autopark at Independence Mall:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $9.00

Autopark at Jefferson:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $7.00

Autopark at Gallery Mall:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $7.00

Parkade on 8th:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $7.00

Family Courthouse Garage:

  • Validation rate: Enter after 4:45 p.m., $7.00

If you have any questions, you can always count on the parking gurus on Twitter or Facebook and we will get you squared away.


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PPA Holiday Parking Specials

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to take advantage of the parking specials we offer during the holiday season.

That’s right: After you’re done scarfing down your Thanksgiving feast, it’s time to shift your focus to, you guessed it, holiday shopping.

Sure, you could take the easy route and shop for the it gift of the year on Amazon. But let’s be honest: There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned window shopping, especially in a city as vibrant as Philly.

Here’s the scoop: As you scramble to get all of your holiday shopping done, we want parking to be the least of your worries. That’s why, every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, we offer holiday shoppers some hard-to-beat parking options. Take a look below and while you’re at it, check out Visit Philly’s 15 Must See Holiday Attractions.

For a flat-rate of only $8 on Saturdays, you can park at the following PPA garages between 11 a.m. and 12 midnight.  

Note: To receive the $8 flat-rate, please visit the garage management office for your discount validation ticket. 

And now the big one: On Saturdays after 11 a.m., metered/kiosk parking will be free city-wide up until January 1, 2019.

Keep in mind: Time limits on residential parking blocks will still be enforced and all other parking regulations will remain in effect.

If you have any questions or need any guidance during the holiday season, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. Happy holidays!


Photo Credit: Joscelyn Paine via Flickr

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Where to Park for the Philadelphia Marathon

Running 26 miles in a single day sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Welp, that’s exactly what 30,000 runners are signing up for on Sunday, November 18th at 7 a.m. as The Philadelphia Marathon sprints through the historically scenic streets of Philly.

Let’s get back to that whole 26-mile thing real quick. Yeah, there’s no question that’s a lot of ground to cover in one day, but the nearly 30-mile trek winds through Philly’s historic sites in Old City before sprinting down the always-scenic Fairmount Park Water Works on the Schuylkill River. So in the long run—see what we did there?—runners are also getting the quintessential Tour de Philly. And don’t worry, runners: Hydration stands will be set up as thousands of spectators cheer you on from start to finish. To get a glimpse of the course map, click here.

Now a quick word to the wise: With thousands of runners, spectators and multiple road closures, parking will definitely be tight. Luckily if you plan on driving to the marathon, we have two locations with cheap parking rates close to the starting/finish lines.

19th & Callowhill Lot
Weekend Flat Rate: $12 per day

Gateway Parking Garage
Weekend Flat Rate: $7

Family Courthouse Garage
Weekend Flat Rate: $11 per day



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