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Philadelphia Parking Authority Receives Accreditation “with Distinction” from the International Parking Institute

Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) Executive Director Scott Petri announced that the PPA received accreditation “with distinction” from the International Parking Institute (IPI) at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida today. The IPI also highlighted three of the PPA’s garages for a “premier” rating.

“After an in-depth and thorough examination of our overall internal and external operations, and after many months of making changes to improve our overall operation and efficiencies, we are thrilled the IPI has accredited the PPA. While it was no easy task acquiring the accreditation, the many months of hard work and long hours have now paid off. We will wear this new accreditation as a badge of honor and as added incentive to continue making improvements,” Petri said.

The PPA won accreditation through the IPI’s Accredited Parking Organization (APO) program, a certification for parking organizations that have achieved a comprehensive standard of excellence. APO recognizes best practices in responsible parking management and operations, customer service, professional development, sustainability, safety, and security.

According to the IPI, in order to receive their accreditation, “an organization must demonstrate its commitment to ongoing evaluation and improvement of program outcomes through the implementation of industry best practices. Applicant organizations work with third-party reviewers to organize and present evidence of accomplishment of 250 criteria in 14 categories related to industry best practices. To achieve the APO with Distinction, an additional set of criteria must be met.”

“Today is a turning point in our efforts to reform the PPA and put us on the right track. We are committed to continuing our reform efforts and making the PPA more efficient, cost-effective while providing our customers – the general public – the best customer service possible,” Petri said.


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The Dangers of Leaving A Child Unattended In A Hot Car

You just can’t beat a summer in Philly. Think about it: Ballpark hot dogs and running the bases with the kids at Citizens Bank Park make summer feel right. But there is one thing you can beat: car seats in the heat.

Each year, an average of 37 children die from being left in a hot car by a parent or caregiver. Far too often, parents or caregivers get into a routine and fail to remember their most precious cargo: their child. This has been a seasonal epidemic since 1990. More than 600 children have passed away from being trapped in a hot car ever since.

Leaving a child in a car is no joke. It can lead to heat stroke, brain damage and in extreme cases, death. Car interiors can be up to 40 degrees hotter than outside temperatures. Combine that with an infant’s body temperature, which rises three times faster than an adult’s. This is not something to take lightly.

The biggest mistake anyone can make is thinking it won’t happen to them or their children. Stay up to date with these major keys to keeping children safe in an automobile.

Major Keys for Keeping Your Child Safe:

  • Never leave a child in a car alone, even if the windows are cracked or you are just running into the gas station to pay.
  • Keep car keys out of the reach of children.
  • Place your bag/briefcase in the back of your seat so you have to look in the back seat before getting out.
  • Teach children not to play in or around vehicles and to alert an adult when a child is playing in a vehicle without supervision.
  • Ensure your children understand the dangers of trunk and automobile entrapment (suffocation, heat stroke, and hypothermia)
  • Take advantage of smart technology. Sense A Life is a sensory alert system for mobile devices that will alert you if you are reach a certain distance from your child in an automobile.

For more information how to keep your family safe in the car during the hot summer season, click here.  

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Where to Park for the Welcome America Festival

Philadelphia is still on one heck of a roll. From a Super Bowl win to Villanova bringing in another trophy to the Sixers bringing us a playoff berth, Philadelphia has never been a more fun place to visit.

The good times will continue as Philadelphia welcomes back Wawa Welcome America with a FREE week-long festival to celebrate the country’s diverse history. And yes, that means free hoagies, too!

What You Need to Know:

If there’s one thing Philly does right, it’s knowing how to throw a party and host an event. We may not be greasing the poles this time, but we are celebrating our unique culture with talented individuals on stage in our nation’s birthplace.

This week-long festival isn’t just a one-stop shop. From June 28th to July 4th, Welcome America hosts more than 50 events to keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout the celebration.

On July 4th, international icons Pitbull and Heather Headley, along with the Philly Pops Big Band, take the stage and end with a bang. Literally.   

Produced by Pyrotecnico and Comcast, Welcome America will host the largest firework show to date. Time to gear up and make sure you know where you’re parking for the big bash!

Parking for The Big Bash:

Since Philadelphia expects more than 25,000 people for the festivities, it’s important you find a prime parking spot. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with three conveniently located parking facilities so you can enjoy the holiday without stress.

Psst: By the way, we won’t be enforcing kiosks, meters or time limits on residential blocks on July 4th.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook with any questions!


1503-11 Arch St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102


  • Up to 1/2 hour: $6.00
  • Up to 1 hour: $13.00
  • Up to 1 1/2 hours: $19.00
  • Up to 2 hours: $25.00
  • Up to 12 hours: $27.00
  • Up to 24 hours: $29.00
  • Weekends: $11.00 (flat rate per day)          


1540 Vine St.

Philadelphia, PA 19102


  • Up to 20 minutes: $3.00
  • Each additional 20 minutes (or portion): $3.00
  • Up to 10 hours: $16.00
  • Over 10 hours: $20.00
  • Evening Rate (enter after 5 p.m., exit by 9 a.m.): $5.00
  • Weekend Rate (flat rate per day): $7.00


1901 Callowhill St.

Philadelphia, PA 19130


  • Up to 1 hour: $6.00
  • Up to 2 hours: $11.00
  • Up to 12 hours: $17.00
  • Up to 24 hours: $12.00
  • Weekends: $12.00 (flat rate per day)
  • Evening (enter after 5 p.m., exit by 9 a.m): $9.00


For additional information on parking restrictions and road closures during the festival, the below interactive map will come in handy:



PHOTO CREDIT: R. Myers for Visit Philadelphia

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Where to Park for Screening Under The Stars

Calling all movie buffs: Every Thursday in July and August at 8:30 p.m., one of Philadelphia’s leading FREE summer activities hits the waterfront with Screening Under the Stars at Penn’s Landing. With a wide range of blockbuster hits for people of all ages, you’ll want to grab your lawn chairs and blankets and head to the waterfront for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Oh yeah: Not only are these movie screenings free, but you can also bring your own snacks! This is definitely not your typical movie theater. Check out the lineup of films playing during Screening Under the Stars below:










Now, onto parking:

If you plan on getting solid seating in front of the big screen, you should know the best parking options for you and your crew.  Fortunately, we offer two convenient parking locations nearby. The Independence Mall Autopark offers a $10.00 flat rate after 5 p.m. Additionally, the Olde City AutoPark is just a few blocks away from the screen on the waterfront.

Don’t forget:
If you plan to park at a meter instead of one of our garages, be sure to download meterUP and pay for parking from your phone. With meterUP, you can feed the meter from your seat instead of having to miss the movie—or even worse—get a ticket! Head here to download our mobile payment app.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re here to help!


Photo by Matt Stanley for Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

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