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#TBT: North Philly Neighborhood Lot

For this month’s #TBT, we’re heading back to the early 1990s as the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) broke ground on its neighborhood parking lot at 7100 Ogontz Avenue in North Philadelphia. This throwback picture shows the attendees of the groundbreaking ceremony, from left to right: State Representative, Dwight Evans; PPA
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#UnblockBikeLanes: Continuing the Conversation

In December 2013, the Philadelphia Parking Authority initiated #​UnblockBikeLanes -- a Twitter hashtag campaign to accomplish the following: Give citizens the opportunity to report b​locked bike lanes via T​witter.​ Compile relevant data highlighting the most problematic areas with blocked bike lanes in the city. Engage active voices within the Philadelphia community, in particular,
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PPA Airport Operations 10th Anniversary

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, you’ve probably flown out of the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). But before you checked in your luggage and made a beeline to your gate, where did you leave your car? Well, if you didn’t take SEPTA, there’s a good chance you parked with
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Parking Violations Branch FAQs

Have you ever had to make a trip to our Parking Violations Branch (PVB)? If so, it was probably because you had to pay for a parking ticket. Or maybe you needed to pay towing and impoundment fees. We know -- it probably wasn’t the highlight of your day. But
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#TBT: Rittenhouse Square Parking Garage

By now we’re sure you’ve noticed we like taking a glance into the past. It’s always enlightening to briefly glimpse backward to realize the how times changed. As we sifted through vintage pictures of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s (PPA) history for this month’s #TBT, we came across this one. And no
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PEO Spotlight: Peter Free

We all have a story. It’s what makes us unique and different from one another. The bus driver who gets you to work -- he has a story. The street vendors who make your breakfast sandwiches? They have a story. Our Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs)? Yep -- they all have
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