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meterUP: Philly’s New Convenient Parking App

  Okay, Philly. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this, and now we’re happy to say (drum roll please)… Our mobile payment app, meterUP, is rolling out city-wide! (yayyyyy!) Let’s jump right into it: On November 19, 2015 our mobile parking app, meterUP, went live, allowing visitors and residents to conveniently
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Get a Ticket While meteringUP? Let us Know!

What’s the main goal of meterUP? Simple: to help you avoid getting parking tickets. Aside from being able to make parking payments through your iPhone or Android phone, you can also extend your parking session if your meeting is running longer than expected, or if you plan on grabbing dessert after
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meteringUP with Sue Cornell

By now we’re sure you’ve heard about, or have used, our new mobile parking app meterUP. But how about the person who actually brought the innovation to Philly? Meet Sue Cornell, our Senior Director of Administration and Strategic Planning. In January 2007, Cornell began her career with the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA)
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PPA Map Primer

Whenever you’re not sure of where you’re going and need guidance, what’s the first thing you do? We know: whip out Google Maps, right? Yep, thought so. Let’s face it: Tangible maps are a thing of the past. With a variety of mapping tools available online nowadays, not only can we
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