Alternative Registration Form AR-1 Download
Annual Dispatcher Renewal DSP-6 Download
Annual Limousine Renewal Form LM-1 Download
Annual Medallion Taxicab Renewal TX-1 Download
Annual Partial-Rights Taxicab Renewal PR-1 Download
Application SA-1 Download
Approved Taxicab Vehicles List Download

Approved Meter System – e taxi Vendors                          Download

Approved Taxi Smartphone Apps                                        Download

Approved Taxicab Safety Camera Vendors                      Download

Assessment Form – Taxicab F.Y. 2015                               Download

Assessment Form – Dispatch F.Y. 2015                              Download

Assessment Form – Limousine F.Y. 2015                           Download

Broker Agreement Addendum BR-3







Broker Application BR-1 Download
Broker Business Experience Questionnaire BR-5 Download
Broker Renewal Form BR-4 Download
Broker Representation Letter BR-2 Download
Certified Dispatchers Download
Change of Contact Information Download
Dispatcher Affiliated Taxicabs DSP-4                              Download
Dispatch Business Experience Questionnaire DSP-3 Download
Dispatch Markings Change Request DSP-2 Download
Dispatch Rate Schedule DSP-5 Download
Driver Certification Training Subjects Download
Fleet Application FL-1 Download
Insurer Contact Registration INS-1 Download
Medallion Sales Bid Form MA-1 Download
Meters Approved for Service in Philadelphia Download
PR Vehicle Numbering Request PRT-2 Download
Replacement Vehicle Application COV 1 Download
Settlement Sheet SA-2 Download
Voluntary Suspension Form CPC-1 Download

WAV Dispatcher Authorization DSP-7                                                     Download

WAV Acceptable Restraint Systems                                                        Download

WAV Vehicle Approved Modifiers                                                          Download

Wheelchair Accessible Driver List                                                            Download

Wheelchair Accessible Service Providers                                                 Download


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