Wheelchair Accessible Cabs

PPA Proposes Regulation Requiring Wheelchair Accessible Cabs

300 cabs to be wheelchair accessible by end of 2012 – all cabs by 2016

(PHILADELPHIA) – Philadelphia Parking Authority Executive Director Vince Fenerty today announced that, “the PPA has begun the process to require more than 300 taxicabs in Philadelphia to become wheelchair accessible before the end of this year.”

Under the draft regulation issued for public comment yesterday, 300 taxicabs will be required to be wheelchair accessible this year, and all taxicabs will be required to be wheelchair accessible by January 1, 2016.

According to Fenerty, “attempts over the past several years to encourage taxicab owners to voluntarily provide accessible taxicab service have resulted in only 3 active wheelchair accessible taxicabs in all ofPhiladelphia.”

“We can no longer wait for taxi companies to voluntarily step up and address the needs of our disabled individuals. We must address the need for accessible taxicab service in Philadelphia now,” Fenerty said.

“Our draft regulation outlines the process for the eventual conversion of the entire taxi fleet in Philadelphia.  That regulation will have to go through all of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s review procedures that apply to a Commonwealth agency,” Fenerty said.

Under the draft regulation, 300 medallion taxicabs would be selected through a lottery system.  Those 300 medallions could then only be attached to wheelchair accessible vehicles.  The lottery would occur this year.  Also, 20 percent of the fleet of any non-medallion taxicab company would also have to be wheelchair accessible this year.  The vehicles used to provide wheelchair accessible service will need to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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