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PPA Service Awards

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We are very honored to share with you the members of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s Garage and Fleet Maintenance Units that have receive length-of- service employee recognition awards.

Under the direction of Deputy Executive Director Linda Miller, awards were presented by Denise Green, Director of Support Services and Rocco Morrotto, Director of Off-Street. These esteemed awards are presented to employees enjoying five, 10 and15 year service anniversaries.

Our PPA leaders in the Garage and Fleet Maintenance Units realize that their dedicated, hard-working group is often times the first wave of employees called to work during periods of severe weather and snowstorms. These units wanted to recognize employees with PPA Tokens of Appreciation: thermal mugs were given to the five year employees, and loose-leaf binders, note pads and calculators were offered to the 10 year employees. Vernon Kulb accepted a beautiful PPA watch on behalf of Darryl Green for 15 years of service.

Interestingly, Denise Green received a beautiful glass vase for her completion of 30 years as a PPA Employee. Amazingly, Denise started her employment on the same day as Deputy Executive Director Linda Miller. Now that was a great day for the PPA.

Other employees that received length-of-service awards included:

30 Years of Service – Facilities Maintenance

Denise Green

15 Years of Service – Fleet

Darryl Green

10 Years of Service – Facilities Maintenance

Vernon Kulb

William Petrucci

Kevin McClain

Jack Monterosso

John Wisniewski

Martin Ashdale

10 Years of Service – Fleet

Julie Fanelli

James Siegel

Keith McCarthy

Five Years of Service – Facilities Maintenance

Joseph Giedemann

Timothy Costello

Robert Sambuca

Five Years of Service – Fleet

Christopher Spagna

Five Years of Service – Airport

Jonathan Cruz

Raymond Blong

Edward Paple

William Ubil

James Purcell

Five Years of Service – Operations

Marquese Williams

Messan Amlon

Keith Reed

Joseph Kelly, Jr.

Martin Alfano

Tzgehe Gezai

Edna Vessele

Moses Moiyallah

Kuruvilla Varghese

Herbert Manning

Brian Morgan

Willie Darby


From everyone here at the PPA, thank you for your dedicated service!


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