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We’ll Miss You Kitt

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Sometimes when a loyal employee retires, the whole is diminished by more than the sum of its parts. Some of its parts just can’t be replaced! So after 29 years, the ever-popular, always smiling, amicable Qwawnetta “Kitt” Carter is leaving the Philadelphia Parking Authority. For  most of her years at the PPA, Kitt has been the first face that greeted visitors of all kinds.

Hired in 1983 as a Parking Enforcement Officer, Kitt quickly moved into a natural job placement for her: a front desk receptionist. She always understood that she was the first person anyone spoke with when calling the PPA. She realized she needed to have a level head and a calm demeanor, to help diffuse any frustration on the part of the callers. Kitt proudly touts the characteristics of patience and understanding, while firmly resolves not to tolerate abusive language and behavior.

Kitt treasures her days spent at the PPA. She laments that she will miss her time engaged in lively conversations, having fun with her co-workers and making people smile and laugh. She has met all types of people sitting at the front desk –from judges to TV personalities. When you sit at the front desk at the PPA you most certainly get a lot of customers.

The lucky man married to Kitt is Henry Carter, a former employee of the PPA. Together they have five wonderful children; 16 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. They are both looking forward to slowing down their daily pace  and enjoying the company of family and friends, along with some long-anticipated travel.

Through the years, Kitt has remained very active and faithful to her church, “The Pray and Faith Temple.” As Kitt prepares to leave her home away from home, she is proud that she faithfully followed her mother’s advice to her: “No matter what job you do, whether it is picking up trash or cleaning toilets, do that job to the best of your abilities. Be proud and hold your head high.”

There is no doubt that over many years Kitt has excelled as a great communicator and a wonderful receptionist. Her mellifluous sounding voice and her calming presence will be sorely missed. She may be moving on, but she will surely not be forgotten.

Co-worker and friend Richard Dickinson has only kind words to say about Kitt’s retirement.  “If first impressions are lasting, we have created legions of positive impressions because Kitt Carter was our receptionist,” says Richard. “Kitt always presented herself in a calm, professional manner, even when the person on the other end of the phone or across the desk was not so calm.”

“Everyone was treated with respect; everyone’s issue was important; everyone’s anger was diffused. Who could resist Kitt’s smile?” says Richard.


From everyone at the PPA: we’ll miss you, Kitt!


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