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Changing Times

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By Jimmy Dintino

SignChangingTimes (1)How do you react to change in your life?  Is it something you welcome, enthusiastically with open-arms or do you look upon change cautiously, skeptically, with an uncertain fear of not knowing what to expect?

People say all the time that change is just a natural part of life.  You had better adjust and adapt or you surely will be left behind.

These days, change abounds all around us.  With the explosion of social media and communication devices, one is inundated with a variety of  I-phones, smart phones, I pads, tablets, I-pods, and whatever new and more technically capable unit that will soon be introduced.

When you examine some statistics, change and variation seem at their root, very American. In fact, 43% of the people that will marry today will change or divorce their spouse; if that individual marries a second time, that percentage increases to 60%, and, get this, if that same person marries a third time, the chances of a break-up increases to a whopping 70%.  Wow, talk about fickle.

The National Association of Homeowners estimates that new buyers will stay put in that home on average for approximately 13 years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average American will have between 12-15 jobs during their working years.  Chevrolet claims the average car owner will purchase at least 12 different vehicles in their driving lifetime. 

Now, that is a superabundance of change in one’s life!

Of course, not all of us fall into the aforementioned averages.  Many people find something they are secure and comfortable with and stay with it for a long period of time; sort of like, those faded, worn pair of jeans or those comfortable pair of shoes or even that raggedy, old sweater that feels too good to throw away.

Some of us develop habits that are difficult to alter and many of us choose not to vary.  We get up the same time each morning, we travel the same route to work, we eat the same foods during the day and we stay with the same bunch of friend’s in the night.

So, how do you see yourself?  When change is involved, what type of personality are you?

Recently, PPA experienced a momentous move, relocating their main headquarters.  Were you one of the people who welcomed the move, a new office, a different section of town, different people sharing a building?  Or, were you one of the people that experienced a bittersweet sentiment, realizing that you will never again walk through the familiar doors of 3101 Market Street.

Different personalities react in vastly different ways.  Some employees I spoke to were eager to set off and journey to our new location.  Other long-time employees express remorse on leaving a facility that has been a large part of their life for many years.

There is an old axiom that states,”All things come to Pass”.  Perhaps that statement is true, but that does not mean we all have to like it. 



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