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By the Numbers: How the PPA Helped With 2014 Snow Efforts

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Brrrr! It’s been an especially challenging winter for Philadelphia. Almost 60 inches of snow have fallen so far—and we have been working around the clock to help keep the city running as smoothly as possible throughout the storms.

This storm season, we embraced social media and were able to inform citizens of the snow plan and educate them on garage rates to get cars off of snow emergency routes. Utilizing the organization’s new headquarters as an organized central command post, we kept operations running throughout the emergency.

 The biggest challenge the city faces is the citizens’ desire for clean pavement at all times. While the city— along with the Philadelphia Parking Authority and PennDOT—manage the snow and ice on the city’s streets and freeways, the enormity of the task and the logistics are astounding.

In an effort to salt and plow neighborhoods—350 streets total!—we employed a variety of tools, including bob cats, forklifts and the occasional shovel.

By the Numbers: How the PPA Helped With 2014 Snow Efforts

  • 350: The number of lanes of city streets plowed. (This is about the distance from Philadelphia to Montreal.)
  • 54: How many neighborhood lots were plowed.
  • 52: Number of PPA employees who helped remove snow and ice in the city. We also have cross-trained employees from other service-related departments in reserve.
  • 30: How many seconds it took for our trucks to receive new, real-time information about where to plow.
  • 8: The number of city garages that offered discount parking during the snow emergencies.
  • 5: How many rail station lots were plowed.
  • 3: Number of surface lots that were plowed.
  • 3: How many outposts were strategically placed throughout the city to ensure quick deployment of snow and ice management resources.


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