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Residential Parking in Philadelphia: A Primer on Permits

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There’s a lot to consider when parking your vehicle in the City of Brotherly Love, let alone any city. We want to make the life of every car owning Philadelphian a little bit easier. To ease your parking pains, we’ve put together this primer on everything you need to know about permits.

How do I get a parking permit for my car?

If your street or area has permit parking, you can request a residential parking permit for your vehicle. To be eligible for a residential parking permit, your vehicle must be registered and insured to the address you’re requesting the permit for. Additionally, you have to provide proof of residency. If you meet these requirements, you can apply for the parking permit through the mail or by visiting our Residential Parking Permit office at 35 N. Eighth Street. You can download the Residential Permit Application here: RPP Application

The annual fee for a permit is assessed per household:

  • 1st vehicle permit $35
  • 2nd vehicle permit: $50
  • 3rd vehicle permit: $75
  • 4 or more vehicle permits $100 each

Example: If your household has two vehicles, the total cost will be $85 per year.

It’s important to remember that residential parking permits are only valid for the district number where the permit is issued.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Permits

Where do I put my Parking Permit sticker?

Your parking permit should be placed in the inside rear window on the passenger side.

I have tinted windows, how will your officers see my permit?

If you have tinted windows, let us know when you fill out the application. We will provide you with two orange reflector stickers. The first sticker should be placed on the outside rear window of the vehicle next to the parking permit sticker. The second sticker should be placed on your license plate.

I’ve been having a hard time finding parking near my house, how do I get permit parking on my street?

To get permit parking for your street, you first need to contact the Philadelphia Parking Authority and request a petition package. Once you obtain the petition, you need to get signatures from at least 60% of the residents; including renters/owners of apartment complexes. Then, forward your completed petition your local city councilmember and they will forward the petition to us with a letter of support.

So, I can just get everyone from my house to sign the parking petition, right?

Sorry! You can only have ONE signature per household.

What is proof of residency?

Proof of residency is a driver’s license, utility bill or current lease.

Can renters sign a petition?

Yes, a resident can be a renter or owner of a property.

Additional Information About Parking Permits

I have visitors coming to town. Where can they park?

If you have a residential parking permit, there are two options for visitor parking: temporary parking passes and day passes. Day passes are good for up to a year after purchase.

Day passes:

  • Day passes consist a single booklet of 5 passes for $35.

  • Residents can purchase a maximum of two booklets, but then have to wait 90 days before buying another.

  • To use the pass, scratch off the month and date on which the pass will be used, and write the visitor’s license plate number in the box provided on the pass. Then, hang the pass on the rearview mirror. You can download the day pass application here: Day Pass Application.

  • Proof of residence is required.

Temporary parking passes:

  • They can be purchased per visitor vehicle for a maximum of 30 days (or two increments of 15 days).

  • After the 30 days have passed, that visitor vehicle has to wait 45 days before they can get another temporary pass.

  • You must provide the license plate number of the visitor’s vehicle.
  • Temporary parking passes cost $15 for 15 days. To purchase a temporary pass, visit our office at 35 N. Eighth Street.

  • Proof of residence is required.

I have a Residential Parking Permit, but I’m currently driving a rental vehicle. What should I do?

Residential Parking Permits are valid to specific license plates. If you need to temporarily transfer your permit to a rental vehicle, you may contact our permit office at 215-683-9730 for assistance. You may also utilize the Day Passes and Temporary Parking Passes mentioned above. Additional information on Day Passes and Temporary Parking Passes can also be found here.

I’m moving! What happens to my Parking Permit?

If you move to another parking zone in Philadelphia, you need to apply for a new parking permit. For example, if you move from Northern Liberties to Pennsport, your Northern Liberties parking permit will not be valid in Pennsport because it is in a different parking zone. Peel off your old RPP sticker, apply for a new one, and you’ll be parking easy in no time.

If you are moving within the same parking zone, please contact our RPP department at  215-683-9730 to update your account. You can keep the same permit.

Um, I can’t get my parking permit off my windshield, what can I do?

No worries! All you need to do is spray some WD-40 and put your defroster on; the permit will peel right off!

Yo! I got a ticket, even though I have a parking permit for my street! What gives?

Unfortunately, sometimes our parking enforcement officers can’t clearly see the parking permit. All you need to do is contact the Parking Violations Branch and let them know you have a valid RPP Sticker, and they will put the ticket on a temporary suspension. Photocopy the parking permit receipt and mail it into our office with the parking ticket. Our customer service representatives will work with you from there.

Uh oh! My permit is about to expire! Can I renew it online?

Yes! More information on renewing your Residential Parking Permit can be found here. Keep in mind: this service is only available for renewing a current Residential Parking Permit or adding a new vehicle to the same account.

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