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Do’s & Don’ts of Scooter/Motorcycle Parking

photo 2.JPGWhether you’re parking on the streets or on sidewalks, understanding the do’s and don’ts of scooter and motorcycle parking will help keep tickets at bay!

With more than 40 scooter/motorcycle corrals spread throughout Philly, we want to ease any confusion you may have when it comes to parking in designated scooter/motorcycle zones.

Take a look below to fully understand the ins and outs of scooter/motorcycle parking in Philly!

 Pay a $5 flat-rate fee
As of January 1, 2015, scooter and motorcyclists can pay a daily rate of $5 to park at any corral in Philadelphia. You can also use the same receipt when parking at other corrals throughout the day. 
NoteMultiple kiosks receipts cannot be combined for the daily $5 rate. The $5 must be purchased in a single transaction.
Impede curb space
 When parking at a corral, be sure your scooter or motorcycle is not on the curb or sidewalk.
Park on the sidewalk in commercial/business areas
If you’re in a commercial area, parking your scooter or motorcycle on the sidewalk is prohibited.
Park in front of your own home
If you live in a Residential Permit Parking zone, you can apply for a permit for your scooter or motorcycle. This permit allows you to park your scooter or motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of your home, under the following restrictions:
  • You park parallel to your home, up against the wall and do not block pedestrian traffic
  • Once you leave the street, you must turn off your vehicle and  walk it to park 
  • You may also park your scooter or motorcycle on the sidewalk, under the same restrictions above in unregulated residential blocks.

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