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Hail Hail! Cab Apps Are Here!

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TLDThanks, technology. You make our lives easier, especially while we’re constantly on the go– that’s why Way2Ride, a free mobile app will eventually give commuters the option to hail cabs from the push of a button. That’s right–the days of arm flailing and looking like a maniac on street corners are coming to an end in Philly. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But in the meantime, if you also wish to eliminate the awkwardness of fumbling around in the back seat for your wallet, download Verifone’s Way2Ride taxi payment app. It’s currently available for use in 1400 of Philly’s medallion taxicabs. After downloading Way2Ride, just tap your phone against the cab’s card reader and boom, all set- no finding the wallet, no swiping or waiting for change. You can download the Way2Ride app on any iPhone or Android device. The app requires users to register with an email address, cellphone number, and your preferred payment for rides.  After registering, users are shown a brief tutorial on proper use of the app.  But since you’re probably pretty tech savvy already–given you have a smartphone– you can probably skip the tutorial because of the apps slick and easy to navigate layout.

Let’s talk about e-hail apps for a second– currently 215 GET A CAB and Freedom Taxi already offer free downloadable apps allowing arm flailers to keep their arms by their sides. So how exactly do you benefit from these apps? Let’s start with safety– both 215 GET A CAB and Freedom Taxi abide by the PPA’s vigorous, yet necessary, safety regulations. Secondly– they allow you to plan ahead with scheduled pickup times, but you always have the option to immediately hail a cab. Lastly– more of these apps will probably be popping up, so it’d be good to get with the program.

Sounds like something you’re interested in? Well chances are you’re probably reading this from your smartphone, so browse through your app store and give them a whirl. Oh– and make sure you enable your device’s location services because, well, your cab is going to need to find you.


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