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Early Bird AutoPark Specials

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EarlyBird Featured PicWe’ve all had that moment where we’d rather throw our alarm clock against the wall in a fit of rage and then calmly resume our slumber. This type of thing might fly on the weekend, but if you have the typical nine to five job, you probably don’t have that luxury.

Early risers need to rejoice in the perks. You can walk into a diner early in the morning and get the Early Bird Special (extra bacon please!). You also have an easier commute because there’s less traffic and – wait for it – you get first crack at parking spots.

Believe it or not, diners aren’t the only places offering Early Bird Specials. Sure, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) doesn’t serve up scrambled eggs or bacon, but we do have Early Bird parking rates at our garages. But by all means, feel free to park and eat your breakfast in your car before getting to the grind.

We have seven garages (also known as AutoParks) and two lots scattered throughout Philly, all of which have Early Bird parking rates. Whether you work near the Parkway or in Old City, you’ll find convenient, cheap parking before putting in your eight hours – then you can do it all again the next morning.

Check out our Early Bird parking parking rates below. If you have any questions, let us know through Facebook or Twitter!

Parkade on 8th 

  • Enter by 10 AM, exit by 7 PM – $12.50

Autopark at the Gallery Mall

  • Enter by 10 AM, exit by 6 PM – $13.00
  • Enter by 8 AM, exit by 8 PM (Monday through Friday) – $10.50

Gateway Parking Garage

  • Enter by 9 AM, exit by 6 PM –  $14.00

The AutoPark at Jefferson

  • Enter by 10 AM, exit by 6 PM – $16.00

8th & Chestnut Lot

  • Enter by 9 AM, exit by 6 PM $13.50

AutoPark at Independence Mall

  • Enter between 6 AM and 9 AM, exit by 6 PM – $14.00

AutoPark at Olde City

  • Enter between 5 AM and 9 AM, exit by 6 PM – $10.50

19th & Callowhill Street Lot

  • Enter by 9 AM, exit by 6 PM – $11.00

 Family Courthouse Garage

  • Enter by 9 AM/ Exit by 7 PM – $16.00
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