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Parking Day 2015

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parkingdaylogo1_0On September 18, if you see metered parking spaces taking the form of miniature parks (parklets), there’s no need to scratch your head! It’s International Park(ing) Day, a one-day event raising awareness for the importance of more open space within urban dwellings.

Come the third Friday of September, we’ll be rolling out the sod and setting up our recycling themed parklet at 7th and Market Streets. Passersby can swing by and win prizes from our prize wheel and create masterful works of art using recycled materials.

Speaking of art — our employees will also put their artistic skills to the test by decorating parking meters with recycled goods. Here’s the thing though: these meters won’t be collecting fees for parking, they’ll be accepting donations for our annual Holiday Charity, Santa Express! The decorated meters will be on display in our parklet, so feel free to drop a fews coins and help underprivileged families during the holiday season.

So if you’re out and about during your lunch hour on Friday, September 18, swing by our parklet on 7th and Market Streets. Oh yeah — our parklet will be right next to the Philadelphia Free Public Library. Feel free to find a good read and lounge in our parklet!


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