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Philadelphia Parking Authority & Uber Reach Agreement for Rideshare Operations in Philadelphia

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Today at a joint press conference, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and Uber announced a new agreement authorizing Uber’s transportation network services in Philadelphia County through September 30th. In light of the unexpected regional rail disruption,
as well as the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC), both the PPA and Uber have partnered to ensure that residents and visitors alike have access to the affordable, reliable transportation options that Uber provides.

“Working with Uber and the City of Philadelphia, the PPA will do all we can to help city residents and visitors alike, navigate the obstacles posed by the current SEPTA rail service disruption. We will do all we can to ensure that visitors to the upcoming Democratic National Convention have as many transportation options as possible, including ride-sharing,” said PPA Executive Director Vince Fenerty.

“We look forward to working with Uber and other ride-sharing companies to provide safe, reliable and friendly service to the public during the current SEPTA rail disruption as well as during the Democratic National Convention,” Fenerty said.

“This is the best outcome for all Philadelphians. We’re ready to do our part to keep the city moving through the summer amidst the rail disruption and the influx of visitors expected this summer.” said Jon Feldman, Uber’s General Manager for Pennsylvania. “We appreciate the PPA working with us and doing what’s right for Philadelphia. Now, more than ever, people in Philadelphia stand to benefit from affordable transportation and flexible work opportunities.”

This agreement will ensure that riders can access all of Uber’s products, including uberX, uberXL, and uberPOOL, throughout Philadelphia County. Uber’s operations outside of Philadelphia are already authorized and regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Uber will continue to adhere to the PUC’s driver screening and insurance requirements throughout the Commonwealth, pending the enactment of comprehensive, statewide legislation for transportation network companies (TNCs).

Under the terms of the agreement:

  • Uber and the PPA will resolve all existing legal disputes surrounding the operation of
    uberX and uberPOOL in Philadelphia from October 24, 2014 – July 7, 2016, through a
    settlement of $350,000 (which will be paid upon the enactment of statewide legislation)
  •  The PPA will suspend all enforcement against driver-partners affiliated with the Uber
    platform through September 30, 2016
  •  Through the term of the agreement, Uber and the PPA will not pursue further legal
    action against one another related to the operation of TNCs in Philadelphia County
  • Any driver who was previously subject to enforcement by the PPA in connection with a
    trip accepted through the Uber platform will not be barred from current or future work as
    a TNC driver

There are currently two bills being considered by the Pennsylvania General Assembly that would authorize TNCs throughout the state, including Philadelphia County. This agreement authorizes Uber’s ridesharing platform in Philadelphia while the bills are pending in he legislature.

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