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MeteringUP: What to Look For

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MeterUP_Logo_Final [2]

As you probably heard, our new mobile parking app, meterUP, is being rolled out city-wide after  successful pilot testing!

Here’s the deal: In the coming weeks, you can expect to see more meterUP signs being posted on city blocks. That means if you don’t see signs like the one to the left, meterUP is not available on that street yet. But once you see the signs, you’re good to go!

image001While we’re talking about signs:

Make sure you’re taking note of the zone number posted on the signs. You’ll need to enter the zone number before you meterUP!

More questions on how to meterUP? Most of them can be answered in the FAQs or by calling 1-844-meterUP!  

Also—check out the signs below for more examples of where you can pay for on-street parking with meterUP!






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