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meterUP: The More You Know

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It’s been over year since we launched our mobile payment app,

In case you’re not on the up and up yet, meterUP allows you to pay for parking with a few taps of your fingers to a smartphone. Here’s the thing: Aside from being able to conveniently pay for parking from your smartphone, meterUP offers many other features that add to the convenience. Check them out below and while you’re at it, give meterUP a download on Google Play or your iPhone’s App Store.


Remotely Extend Your Parking Session:

Need we say more? No, not really. But we’re going to anyway:

After starting a parking session in meterUP, you’ll receive a reminder seven minutes before it expires. From there, you’re given the option to extend your parking session. In the long run this means there’s no need to rush back and feed the meter—and of course you can avoid being issued a meter-expired ticket.

Note: There is no fee for the seven-minute reminder service. In order to receive the reminder, be sure to enable in-app notifications on your iPhone or Android.  

Keep in mind: Once you have parked past the maximum time posted, you have the option to park longer, but the rate doubles. If you park past the posted time limit a second time, the rate triples. Click here for an example.

Multiple Vehicles On One Account:

After initially signing up for meterUP, you’ll need to enter your vehicle’s plate number into your meterUP profile. If you have multiple vehicles, you’re able to add them as well. Here’s the thing: When you start a parking session, make sure you have the correct vehicle selected.

Digital Parking Receipts:
This feature comes in especially handy for business travelers who may need proof of purchase for reimbursement.

Here’s the deal: With each parking session you complete with meterUP comes a digital receipt. All you have to do is go to the meterUP menu and tap Parking Sessions. From there, you’ll be provided a history of your meterUP parking sessions. You can also login to your account through the meterUP website here.  For a complete run-down on getting your meterUP reciept, check out the step-by-step instructions here.


Let’s say you park at a location before you’re required to pay the parking fee: After parking your vehicle, meterUP allows you to pay ahead of time. In the long run, this means you don’t have to rush back to the meter when the parking fees take effect!

Have a question on meteringUP? We’re listening on Twitter and Facebook! And just a reminder: Make sure you’re taking note of these signs before starting a parking session with meterUP.

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