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PPA Suspends Mobile App Payments


(PHILADELPHIA) — Executive Director Clarena Tolson announced that the Philadelphia Parking Authority will suspend parking meter payments through the mobile payment app, meterUp powered by Pango, at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, April 12.  “Financial problems being experienced by its service provider, Pango USA, led us to conclude that we must suspend this payment option,” Tolson said.  Motorists who use the app will be able to use kiosks for payment.

In making the announcement, Tolson “apologized for any inconvenience this unavoidable disruption may cause customers” and stressed that “other forms of payment, including cash, coins and credit cards are accepted at all kiosks.”

Pango USA is a privately held company which provides the digital system that powers the meterUp app. Pango told the PPA that it is experiencing revenue shortfalls and is unable to pay its contractors including its credit card processor. The Authority will release a new Request for Proposals this week, however the selection and implementation process may take several months to complete.

The Parking Authority first partnered with Pango USA to launch the app in November of 2015. The company was sold in October 2016, and the new owners have been trying to maintain meterUp without interruption. However, those efforts proved unsuccessful.

“I want to apologize for any disruption in this convenient service. I anticipate that we will have a new company with adequate resources and history of success to provide stable service this summer,” Tolson added.