Short Term (Ground Level)

Convenient for Dropping Off and Picking Up

  • Short term parking lots directly across from each Terminal
  • No overnight parking
  • See daily rate structure below

For security reasons, curbside parking is currently prohibited at Philadelphia International Airport. But that doesn’t mean you have to circle the airport while you wait for an arriving flight, or wave your goodbyes from the car outside of departures. Reasonably priced, convenient ground level parking is available directly across from the baggage claim areas.

The lots are easy in — and easy out, too, because we have a large, convenient toll plaza. When you don’t have to wait in line to pay, you get back on the road that much sooner!

Information, Rates, & Services

$4.00 up to .5 hours
$6.00 up to 1 hour
$8.00 up to 1.5 hours
$10.00 up to 2 hours
$12.00 up to 2.5 hours
$15.00 up to 3 hours
$17.00 up to 3.5 hours
$20.00 up to 4 hours
$40.00 up to 24 hours


  • Over 800 spaces
  • Directly Across from Baggage Claim Area
  • Patrolled by Philadelphia Police Department
  • Easy In/Out
  • Overnight Parking Prohibited
  • Complimentary Vehicle Services:
    Jump-Start, Flat Tire Repair, Lock-Out Service,
    Emergency Gasoline, Lost Vehicle Locator
  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
    Discover, and Diners Club Accepted


  • Enter Philadelphia International Airport
  • Follow signs for arriving flights
  • Follow signs for Short Term
    (Ground Level) parking

Additional Information

Phone Number: 215-683-9840
Convenient To: Philadelphia International Airport

For additional information, please contact:

Philadelphia Parking Authority
Airport Parking Branch
1 Main Toll Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 19153

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