How can I pay my parking ticket?

By mail
Parking Violations Branch
P.O. Box 41818
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1818

Check or money order should be made out to “City of Philadelphia” and include the ticket number being paid.

Do not send your check to the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

For your peace of mind, do not mail cash.

In person
Parking Violations Branch
913 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Weekdays
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturday

By phone
Call (888) 591-3636 to pay by Visa or Mastercard. After the voice response system introduction, press “1″ and have your credit card information ready. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also pay your parking ticket online.

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What if I don’t agree with my parking ticket?

If you don’t agree with your parking ticket you have the right to contest the violation with the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication. See the link below:

Parking Ticket Appeals

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What rights do I have?

When you contest a parking ticket with the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication*, you have the following rights:

  • To be represented by a lawyer or other representative;
  • To appear and testify if you choose;
  • To present evidence, including pictures, tow receipts, etc, or witnesses; and
  • To appeal a decision against you.

* Please note, the Philadelphia Parking Authority does not adjudicate parking tickets, this is the responsibility of the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication.


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I need to reschedule my hearing.

You can reschedule over the phone twice. Your third reschedule request must be made in writing. Your request will be reviewed and approved or denied by a Parking Violations Bureau Supervisor.

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What if I believe my parking meter was defective?

If you receive a ticket at a meter or kiosk you believe is defective you need to file a complaint to initiate an investigation.  See below to view your options regarding a broken meter or kiosk.

By phone- Option #1
Call (888) 591-3636 to and follow the prompts to report a broken meter.

By phone- Option #2
Call (215) 222-9100

Online- Option #1
You can report a broken meter or kiosk by clicking here.

Online- Option #2
Visit our Kiosks Customer Service portal by clicking here.


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You can also report a broken or defective meter by clicking here

What if I don’t respond to my parking ticket?

If you do not request a hearing to contest your ticket or pay the ticket within 15 days of issuance, a notice of violation will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.  This notice will explain that the violation must either be paid or contested within 10 calendar days of the date on the notice or a $25.00 penalty will be added.  If the violation is not paid or contested before it enters delinquency status (approximately 30 days after issuance), a second penalty of $30.00 will be added.

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How can I pay my traffic ticket?

Visit the Traffic Court’s Citation Online Payment System.


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What if I lost my ticket?

E-mail your license plate number to customer.service2@xerox.com for assistance.

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